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Capt. Ahmed Abu Jonayed Chowdhury

Ahmad Abu Jonayed Chowdhury has 26 years of seagoing experience as Deck Officer, including 12 years as Chief Officer and six years as a Master. He started off as Deck Cadet in Gulf East Ship Management Ltd (Hongkong), onboard General Cargo Carriers and went on to sail with Gulf East Ship Management Ltd, Wallem Ship Management Ltd (Hongkong), IMC Singapore, International Tanker Management (Dubai), Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd/Blue Ocean Ship management Ltd (Germany), Silvia Ship Management Ltd (Singapore), Continental Liner Agencies (Chittagong), Alunited Maritime Pte Ltd (Singapore), Manship Pte Ltd (Singapore), on General Cargo vessel, Bulk Carriers (large and handy), refrigerated cargo and tanker etc. He then joined as a Marine Surveyor at IML in March, 2015. He has experience in carrying out various types of marine surveys.

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Interport Maritime Ltd. (IML) also has a Loss Prevention & Survey department whose core activity is concerned with the inspection of ships and cargo both for loss prevention and for determining the cause, nature and extent of damage if any following an accident.


Interport Maritime Ltd. (IML) employs pool of Master Mariners, and Marine Engineers who have ample experience in the handling and inspections of cargoes, ships, machinery and everything else involved in the marine industry. The loss prevention department is committed to provide factual and flawless reporting through the unique skills and expertise of our surveyors.

Our teams of qualified and experienced marine surveyors, cargo surveyors and claims processing staff have built life-long relationships with both local and international clients by providing constant, professional and successful solutions to the most complex P&I insurance cases.

Interport Maritime Ltd.'s (IML's) surveyors care to keep their clients updated and informed throughout their attendance. On completion of their attendance they issue accurate, concise and factual reports, providing complete and detailed record of their investigation

In summary, the Interport Maritime Ltd.'s (IML's) Division of Loss Prevention & Survey provides the best quality service which enhances our Principals work through solving problems and adding value to their operations.

To summarize, the services offered by Interport Maritime Ltd.'s (IML's) Loss Prevention & Survey department are as follows:

  • P&I Clubs ship pre-entry condition surveys
  • Collision surveys and third party surveys
  • Oil pollution surveys
  • All kinds of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) by our certificated inspectors
  • Tow arrangements inspections and approvals
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Hull and machinery surveys afloat and in drydock
  • Cargo tallying and Outturn surveys
  • Surveys of cargo stowing and securing
  • Salvage and wreck removal surveys
  • Draft surveys
  • Bunker surveys
  • On-hire and Off-hire condition surveys
  • Grounding surveys and investigations
  • Heavy lift surveys
  • Dry containerised cargo surveys © 2008   |   Designed by SCULPTORLABS   |   Privacy Policy   |   Terms of Use   |   Webmail