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Interport Group started its journey in the year 2001 as Interport Ship Agents Ltd (ISA) to provide P&I and claim Correspondent services to the P&I Clubs, Marine Underwriters and Legal Firms and Port Agency services to the Ship Owners, Ship Management Companies, & Charterers.

The two main sea ports of Bangladesh , Chittagong and Mongla were about to lose their historic reputation as safe and vibrant sea ports due to various malpractices by some local service providers. Shipowners, operators, charterers and their underwriters were beginning to feel insecure when their vessels were fixed for the Banladeshi Ports as the necessary assistance and legal protection was often not available.

Both the P&I division and Agency division Interport Ship Agents Ltd being manned by experienced and professional staff with a track record of integrity and efficiency has contributed to the reversal of the trend by successfully protecting their clients with their pro-active and innovative services whenever there was a situation which threatened the smooth operation and sailing of the vessels.

In the year 2006 the P&I Correspondent division and the Agency division were officially separated due to increase of work load and currently they operate as two different and independent companies with Interport Maritime Ltd acting as correspondent for P&I Clubs and underwriters and the Interport Ship Agents Ltd offers port agency services to ship owners and charterers. The separation of services with the increase of business in course of time has improved the quality of services and has also eliminated the possibility of any conflict of interest.

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